Replacement Jaguar Key

photo of Jaguar car

You know the feeling – You just got that new Jaguar, and suddenly you lost your only existing key! Where can you get a new one? How much will it cost? Since Jaguars are luxury vehicles, you’re probably quick to assume that the price will be out of this world. However, there is a fantastic solution for getting your replacement Jaguar key or fob! Saving a ton of money can be simple: calling us instead of the dealership.

Here at Puget Sound Locksmith, we take pride in being able to make keys for the most significant number of vehicles possible. This, luckily, includes all makes and models of Jaguar! From the old classics to the brand new ones, we can help you get a replacement Jaguar key, and all for a much more reasonable price than the dealer.

There’s a good chance you may feel like this is all too good to be true. However, it is just that easy! It all starts with giving us a call. Just tell us the year and model of your vehicle, and we can give you an instant quote and the availability to make the key. We highly recommend that you look at all your options before selecting a service to provide you with a replacement Jaguar key, as most locksmiths don’t have the proper equipment to complete them. Price check with the dealer as well before making a final decision. You will find that we are not only better priced than the dealership but also faster!

We thank you for considering Puget Sound Locksmith as a solution for your replacement Jaguar key. Remember, getting a new Jaguar key can be tough experience. However, thanks to the latest locksmithing technology, it never has to be. Call us and let us provide you with a replacement Jaguar key for a competitive price!

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