Need New House locks?

Need New Locks

Do you need new locks on your home? Doing this yourself isn’t always as easy as the hardware or big box stores make it seem. Many of us are do it yourself people, but in reality installing new locks can many times be a huge undertaking. If you don’t buy the exact same brand or style of locks, have old outdated lock systems, or purchase locks that are the incorrect application you can run into many problems and headaches. A project that you thought would be simple turns into a nightmare. Why not let a pro handle this for you and get the job done right. We can come out, or speak with you on the phone to find out the best options for your home project and give you a upfront estimate before we begin work. Many companies refuse or undercut estimates only to overcharge you once onsite. Don’t fall for this scam and call us first.

There are many reasons for choosing to get new house locks – and, for having them professionally installed. One of the big ones is to ensure that any old keys no longer work. Another is to replace an old lock that has failed or was drilled out to regain access after locking your keys inside the home. Finally, you may want to replace your existing locks to gain access to higher security or better features.

When Old Keys Are a Problem

The issue of old keys is an ongoing problem for landlords, who routinely need to block access to ex-tenants while providing security to new ones. However, individuals often need to pay attention to the possibility of unauthorized keyholders, as well.

For example, if you buy a house, you have no idea who the old owner has given keys to, or if s/he retained a set of keys. Changing the locks makes it so that you no longer have to worry about that. Of course, the age-old scenario of wanting to lockout an ex is another reason for changing locks.

When Will You Need a New House Locks

As with anything else, locks eventually stop working. House locks are often exposed to the weather, which can cause their internal parts to jam over time. Break-in attempts may destroy them, as well. Finally, if you lock your keys in your house and the locksmith can’t pick your lock open for you, he may drill it out. That will get you in, but it will also destroy your lock.

In any of those cases, you’ll probably want a new lock on the door ASAP. Not only that, you won’t want to leave your house to go buy one because if you do, anyone will be able to walk in while you’re gone. Calling a locksmith gets the new lock delivered to you right away, and better yet, the locksmith will install it for you.

Upgrading Old Locks

Even if your old locks work fine and you’re the only one with a key, you may want new house locks. This is because there are many new features available that just don’t exist in locks that are 20 or 30 years old. Several forms of keyless entry locks are now on the market, ranging from basic numeric code models all the way to sensitive, fingerprint-specific versions.

Other new locks may not look different from the old-fashioned kinds, but inside, they are very much improved. Better pick resistance, improved resistance to drilling, and other such features are possible.

Not all keyless entry locks offer the same levels of security, so it’s a good idea to talk to a locksmith to make sure that you get one that’s appropriate for your needs. A high-security version can look just as attractive as one that’s easy to bypass, so it’s all but impossible to figure out which one is actually the best by its appearance. The price of the lock is also an inaccurate meter in many cases. However, a locksmith will know which ones are worth buying.

Those who are specifically looking for high-security locks, rather than the convenience of not having to keep track of keys, will find that there are many options. Some of the most secure locks don’t look like they have bells and whistles, though they may appear beefier than their regular counterparts. Here, too, a locksmith’s advice can make the difference between true security and mere appearances of it.

To get new locks installed at your house, or advice on which ones to choose, call us here at Puget Sound Locksmith. We have multiple locations to serve you.

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