Lost vehicle keys?

Lost vehicle keys

Lost vehicle keys have always been a pain, but now, they can also be a very expensive event. Dealerships charge hundreds of dollars to make new keys and set them up so they actually work with your car or truck. Transponder keys, security keys, and smart keys abound. These can increase security against car theft, but the high technology involved also increases the cost of getting new ones.

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What Are Transponder Keys?

One of the most popular anti-theft measures in modern cars is a system that won’t let the car turn on unless the key is within a short range of the ignition. Typically, a system that’s hidden within the key fob sends a signal via RFID, and the car detects this signal to know when it’s okay to start up. In order for it to work, all of the keys to the car must emit the right data over this signal. Lost vehicle keys that use this system are known as transponder keys or high-security keys, among other names.

While this system is a good way to help ensure that the person trying to start the car is authorized to do so, it adds complexity that makes dealership key replacement highly expensive. It isn’t possible to just have a new key cut like you might have done 30 years ago. Instead, the new keys must have their transponders set to work with your car, as well.

Here at Puget Sound Locksmith, we have all of the equipment needed to make replacement transponder keys. We typically charge substantially less than a dealership, and we can work with many vehicle makes and models.

How About Smart Lost Vehicle Keys?

Smart vehicle keys do more than open doors and turn on the ignition. Depending on the specific vehicle, they can also open the trunk, activate your air conditioning or heating, or even activate a remote-start feature. Needless to say, smart lost vehicle keys are an expensive thing, especially if you go to the dealer. Not only does the key have to be programmed to start your car, but also has to do everything else that it’s supposed to.

Our vehicle key replacement service lets you get a key that does everything it’s supposed to, and typically, we’ll beat the dealer’s price by a large margin. Even better, we come to you to replace the key, so you don’t have to try to figure out how to get your vehicle to a shop with no way to turn it on.

Keyless Fobs Can be Replaced Too

Some of the newest vehicle models don’t use keys at all. Instead, the vehicles listen for a radio signal that comes from a fob that the driver typically keeps in a pocket or other convenient location. As long as the fob is in close range, the vehicle can be started just by pushing a button.

These fobs use much the same technology as the more typical “smart” key fobs. They send out a signal that the vehicle recognizes as the authorized one, and when the vehicle detects it, the operation is authorized. Because of these similarities, we can program new ones to work with your car when you’re plagued with lost vehicle keys.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lost Vehicle Keys

How Quickly Can We Replace Your Lost Vehicle Keys?

We can often come to your location to replace your lost vehicle keys on the same day you call. Usually, we’ll even be there within the hour.

What Does Your Service Cost?

Since every car, truck, and SUV is a bit different from the next, we don’t have a single price for our lost vehicle keys replacement service. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be hit with a surprise. Instead, we’ll give you a quote when you call in and tell us the make, model, and year of your vehicle. That way, you’ll know the exact cost before we come out.

Do You Offer Other Automotive Locksmith Services?

Yes! We’re the ones to call any time you need a locksmith for your vehicle. We handle broken keys, lockouts, keys that are broken and have pieces stuck inside your ignition or other locks, and of course, replace lost vehicle keys. Calling us to get you back into your car ensures that your vehicle won’t be damaged by amateur “break in” attempts. Both the auto body and the locking mechanisms will remain unscathed thanks to our skilled use of industry-standard tools.

What Is Your Service Area?

We serve the entire Greater Seattle area, and have offices in nine locations. These include Olympia, Bellevue, Tacoma, Bremerton, Fife, and others. Just call the office closest to your vehicle, and we’ll send someone right over.

If you need to have your lost vehicle keys replaced, or any other type of automotive locksmith service, call your local Puget Sound Locksmith office today.

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