Lost House keys?

Lost House keys

When you try to unlock your front door and realize that the keys have gone missing, it can rapidly become a rather stressful situation. Keys top the list of things people misplace, so you’re not alone. You could attempt to open each door and window to see if you left one unlocked. It’s also worthwhile to go back and check any place where you might have dropped or put down your lost house keys. If you still can’t gain access, you’ll probably need to call a local locksmith for assistance.

Try not to panic or get angry at yourself. Everyone makes mistakes; it’s best to focus on solving the problem in a safe, affordable way. Don’t try anything risky that could result in damage or injury. If you break into your house, the repairs will probably cost more than the services of a locksmith (and your home won’t be secure until you fix the window or door). Someone could also suspect that you’re committing a crime.

Potential Solutions for Lost House Keys

A locksmith can offer multiple options with varying costs and benefits. It’s wise to solve the problem in a way that replaces all of the affected keys and renders the old set unusable. Why? Your lost house keys may have fallen into the hands of a burglar or other criminal. One option is to rekey existing locks. A locksmith accomplishes this by reconfiguring the pins inside of the lock so that it accepts a new key with a different shape. He or she will provide you with replacement keys.

While rekeying is generally more affordable and faster than replacing locks, it takes longer when you don’t have access to the original key. You may benefit from asking your locksmith to estimate the costs of both options before taking action. If the doors have similar locks, it’s possible to configure them so that the same key conveniently opens every door. You could also ask a locksmith to do the opposite when you think door-specific keys would enhance security.

Lock Replacement

If you get locked out of your home, it could provide an opportunity to upgrade the lock on your front door. Consider replacing an old unit if it has become difficult to use. The same goes for any weak locks that would do little to discourage a determined burglar. A sturdy deadbolt can significantly improve your home’s security. Replacement costs differ depending on the lock style and materials. Some models take more effort to install. Ask for an aluminum unit if you’re willing to pay extra for greater durability.

House Keys Identification

Most locksmiths will only help with missing house keys if you can prove that you truly live in your home. They wouldn’t want to assist a trespasser. It’s best to show a photo ID card with your street address printed on it. If you lack identification or the address is outdated, don’t lose hope. A family member or landlord might be able to confirm your name and address for the locksmith. Ask this person to bring a document that shows your street address if possible.

Experts with Lost House Keys

You need a quick solution, but it’s still important to choose a professional with care. Some scammers target individuals who need locksmiths; they know that stressful circumstances make people more vulnerable. You can avoid shoddy work and exorbitant fees by taking the time to find a legitimate company with positive reviews. Ensure that the business uses a genuine street address and has a local phone number. When you call, the owner or employee should say the company’s name. Always ask for a quote and request a paper receipt after you’ve paid.

Be sure to consider calling Puget Sound Locksmith whenever you need help with a lock. We employ highly skilled professionals who promptly serve customers throughout Seattle and the surrounding region. Our company offers emergency services, so you don’t have to wait for normal business hours. We know how to replace, rekey and upgrade a wide range of locks, including deadbolts and electronic units. Our experts carry the tools and supplies needed to safely unlock almost any door.

Puget Sound Locksmith fully guarantees customer satisfaction. We’ll help you regain access to your house as soon as possible while preserving or enhancing home security. Our technicians can serve you quickly because we have offices in cities throughout the area, including Bremerton, Tacoma, Olympia, Port Orchard, Fife, Puyallup, Gig Harbor and Lakewood. For immediate assistance with your lost house keys, please contact our friendly staff today.

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