Locked out of your business?

Locked Out of Your Business

Getting locked out of your business is more than just an inconvenience. If you discover the problem at opening time instead of on your way out, your customers will be locked out along with you. You’ll then lose money during every second it takes to regain access.

We understand that no matter when you lock yourself out, you want to be able to get back in right away. This is why we offer emergency services as well as standard scheduled appointments. Calling us gives you several other important benefits, as well.

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We Won’t Destroy Your Locks

Many other locksmiths won’t even try to open a business lock. Instead, they’ll use destructive methods to get in. While this will allow you to regain access, it also forces you to buy all-new lock hardware, which these locksmiths will just happen to have right on them.

You won’t have to worry about that situation with us. We use professional methods to pick or bypass – not destroy – your current lock. This gets you in without the added expense of lock replacement. If you got locked out of your business because you left your keys inside of it, you’ll be all set once we’ve opened up the door. Simply go in and grab your keys for continued access.

Make New Keys or Rekey When Locked Out of Your Business

In the rare instance when you no longer have your original keys, and they’re not inside your suite either, you can have us make new ones. These can fit the original key bitting, or we can rekey the lock instead. If your keys are missing because someone stole them from you, you’ll definitely want to take the rekeying option. This will ensure that the stolen keys won’t work for the thief if you’re locked out of your business.

You Don’t Have to Break Into Your Own Business

Breaking into your own property is an expensive proposition. It typically involves physically breaking a window and afterward replacing that window. This is especially costly when you’re locked out of your business because you can’t go get the new window on your own. Since a business with a broken window is an invitation to thieves, you have to remain present to provide security for your establishment. That makes it so you have to use a window service that delivers, and this adds extra expense.

If you break your lock trying to get back into your premises, you face extra expenses for similar reasons. Not only that, but to replace your broken lock, you need a locksmith. It makes a lot more sense to have us send out a locksmith first, so there is no broken lock to deal with at all.

Prevent Lock-Outs So You’re not Locked Out of Your Business

If you do decide to go with new locks when locked out of your business, we’re ready to make sure that you don’t have to worry about future lock-outs. One of the best ways to do this is to have us upgrade your lock to one that offers a keypad-based entry system. With this type of lock, you simply memorize a combination-like sequence and punch it in to open the door. There are no keys to lose, so you never have to worry about being stuck outside without them.

An alternative keyless entry system, which also has no keys or devices to lose, is activated by using an app. Since you’re less likely to forget your phone than your keychain, the risk of lockout is similarly reduced.

Upgraded locks can also eliminate the need to have your locks rekeyed when ex-employees keep keys, current employees lose them, or the keys otherwise fall into unauthorized hands. Many electronic systems can be reprogrammed, either via the keypad or by expiring old key cards. This makes them perfect for businesses of all kinds.

Call Us If You’ve Been Locked Out of Your Business

If you’ve been locked out of your business, call us right away. We’ll get you back in without breaking your windows or your locks. Our emergency service will come out right away if need be. Otherwise, schedule a regular appointment.

While we’re there, consider upgrading to a keyless entry system. You won’t have to worry about being locked out again. Not only that, you can add or remove access for specific people without the need to rekey the lock. This makes it easy to keep up with staff changes over time.

We have several offices in the Puget Sound area. Just call the Puget Sound Locksmith location that is closest to you for the fastest service. We’ll be happy to help!

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