Electronic lock access systems

Electronic Lock Access Systems

Electronic lock access systems have continued to gain popularity in recent times. Keyless locks offer a variety of benefits in offices, apartment complexes, hotels, dorms, government buildings, and other establishments. They make it easier to control access hours and determine who can enter specific areas. These systems have the potential to improve security, reduce costs and save time.

How Electronic Lock Access Systems Work

When buildings have electronic lock access systems, they replace traditional metal keys with small machine-readable devices. Authorized personnel may use special badges, keyfobs or cards to open doors. Some systems also make it possible to access rooms by entering PIN codes and/or using a smartphone app. Either way, it becomes much quicker and easier to grant access to new individuals when necessary.

More Convenience with Electronic Locks

Business owners needn’t visit the hardware store to copy metal keys after they install electronic locks. They can instantly reprogram keycards or generate new PINs for employees, tenants, and clients who need to enter a building. Many people also find it easier to use these systems. They don’t have to carry as many keys or find the correct key for each door.

Unlike conventional locks, electronic systems enable building owners to grant access over the internet or by phone. For instance, a new self-storage customer could pay online and gain entry to a locker when the facility’s staff is not present. The same card or PIN can conveniently provide access to multiple places, such as the common areas in a residential building.

Electronic Lock Access Systems Provide Greater Security

Electronic locks enhance safety and security because access permissions may be instantly changed at any time. Former staff members or residents can’t retain the ability to enter a building by keeping or copying metal keys. This reduces the risk of theft as well as other crimes. Companies don’t have to replace their locks to prevent disgruntled employees or evicted tenants from taking revenge.

If an establishment hires contractors regularly, it could boost security and efficiency by using electronic lock access systems to determine when they’re able to enter the building. A manager can grant access remotely instead of traveling to the location and manually unlocking the door for a contractor at the right time. Permission may be revoked immediately after the project has been completed.

Some systems give proprietors the ability to perform electronic lock “audits” or “interrogations.” This feature enables them to discover what PINs or keycards were used to open a specific door and when someone entered the room. It may also reveal details on instances when people unsuccessfully tried to unlock doors. This information could help supervisors investigate theft, data breaches, and other misconduct.

Added Benefits of Electronic Locks

Electronic access systems help organizations save cash in the long run. A survey of office staff found that around seven out of 10 individuals had lost the keys to their workplace. About one-third of them reported having to change locks within the last 12 months because co-workers didn’t bring back keys. These problems cost employers a considerable amount of time and money.

A locksmith can rekey traditional locks to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access. This service frequently costs more than $100. In many cases, it also becomes necessary to pay for copies of the new key. An electronic lock system greatly reduces or eliminates these expenses. The building owner only needs to deactivate an old keycard, badge, or PIN and activate a new one.

Keycards aren’t free, but they cost far less per unit than creating copies of metal keys. If someone loses a keycard or forgets a PIN, it’s a minor inconvenience rather than a major problem.

Better Timing with Electronic Lock Access Systems

Conventional metal keys allow a person to unlock doors at any time of day. This often creates unnecessary security risks during hours when a business is closed. On the other hand, an electronic system can automatically lock, unlock or allow authorized entry at specific times. For instance, a laundromat could let customers open the front door until 10 p.m. and permit employee access until midnight.

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