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Having a new deadbolt installed is a very popular request. Many times people want to add security to their home or had a break in recently and want that extra piece of mind. In most cases, we can come out and take care of this to you the same day. We carry all the major lines of deadbolts and have the equipment and know how to do the job right. Call us today for an appointment.

What is a Deadbolt Installation?

Many people who are concerned about safety and security are interested in a deadbolt installation. Deadbolt installation involves putting a solid steel bar lock on your door that can be unlocked with a key. That bolt then prevents potential burglars from breaking into your home when the door is locked without having the key. Because the bolt is made out of strong steel, it can’t be pried open as easily as a traditional key lock.

Why Get a Deadbolt Installation?

Deadbolts help to prevent forced entry, the number one type of home break-in. By having a deadbolt in place, you can detract intruders who look for random opportunities for a break in. Deadbolts halt forced entry from kicking or someone attempting to force their way into a home. It also can’t be picked as easily as a traditional key lock for a more targeted home break in.

That means that a deadbolt lock helps you gain peace of mind. When you have a deadbolt lock installed, you can avoid worrying about home break ins and rest assured knowing you have taken significant steps to protect your home, possessions, and family. We all rest easier when we know that we are safe at home.

Finally, a deadbolt lock can help you get lower insurance premiums on your homeowners insurance. Because deadbolts have probably reduced the chances of break-in or burglary, proof of a deadbolt can help lower your premiums. When combining a deadbolt with other security measures like a security system or window locks, you can get even better rates for your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Why Hire a Professional for Deadbolt Installation?

While it is possible to install a deadbolt yourself, it’s recommended that you go with a professional rather than try to DIY a deadbolt installation. While it’s true that there are many DIY home videos or tutorials to follow, the success of doing it yourself can’t be guaranteed. A professional locksmith or deadbolt installer will be able to give you assurance that the job is done the right way.

Professionals have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your deadbolt is installed properly. A professional will be able to look over your home or business and find the best places to install deadbolts. They will be able to recommend the best types of deadbolt locks for the door and know about any new trends or updates in deadbolt technology.

They will also have the experience to make sure the project is completed successfully. Deadbolts need to be installed correctly in order to provide the best results. The steel bolt needs to be deep enough in the door to protect against potential break ins and the locking mechanism needs to be lined up correctly. Additional supports might also need to be added to the doorframe to help it avoid being kicked down or buckling the frame. A professional will be able to know the best process for installation in your home, and can do it much quicker than you can trying to follow a tutorial video or manual.

Working with a professional also helps you gain more advice on security methods. A professional might be able to spot other areas of your home that need security attention, provide a better product than you found yourself, and be available for follow-up conversations. Building a strong relationship with the professionals in your area also helps you in case other situations arise or you want to hire them to work on other projects.

Finding Deadbolt Installation Tacoma, WA

If you are in the Tacoma, WA area and are looking for professional help with a deadbolt installation, look no further. At Puget Sound Locksmith we excel at providing peace of mind to local residents with our deadbolt installation services. Our same-day or next-day installation services help you quickly get your deadbolt installed. We have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to successfully help you regain that important piece of mind.

Call us today to set up an appointment and install your deadbolt security measure today.

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