Commercial Lock Hardware Sales

commercial locksmith Hardware Sales

Are you looking for commercial locks or hardware for upcoming building projects? Puget Sound Locksmith is your best bet for cost-effective commercial locks. Government and military contractors can count on us for difficult-to-find commercial hardware lock sales.

We cater to diverse client needs, ranging from high-security locks, commercial-grade locks, exit devices, and marine locks. If you need electronic locks, card access locks, or maglocks, don’t hesitate to reach out to our lock specialists. Our complete line of commercial locks is ideal for different functions and available in different finishes.

At Puget Sound Locksmith, we understand that commercial security depends on your main entry point’s security. We offer industry-grade commercial locks that ensure you remain at ease whenever you leave the office. Our solutions also ensure that you have reliable hardware devices for your project.

Different Commercial Lock Hardware Grades to Suit your Needs

Do you need grade 1 locks for your office? Reach out to us, and we’ll supply the most robust and most durable locks for your project. Our commercial locks offer the most significant security levels for your high-traffic entry points. We’ve got you covered whether you need locks for healthcare facilities, public buildings, or educational facilities.

If you need locks for access points with medium traffic, our grade 2 commercial locks will serve you well. These locks are also suitable for any interior doors that require higher security levels. We recommend our grade 2 locks for office spaces and rooms with valuable merchandise.

We also offer standard-level locks that are suitable for light applications. Our grade 3 locks will perfectly suit supply closets or employee break-out rooms. These locks are also ideal for residential applications. Our certified locksmiths can help you select the best locks for your commercial needs. Rely on our product knowledge and technical expertise to find reliable commercial locks.

Our diverse commercial locks offering also includes:

  • Lever Locks
  • Knob Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Electrified Locks
  • Electromechanical Locks

  • Dead Bolts
  • Storefront Bolts and Latches
  • Push-Pull Latch Sets
  • Magnetic Locks and Accessories
  • Exit Delay Devices

Diverse Commercial Grade Locks and Hardware

We also offer diverse commercial-grade locks that will suit your commercial building. We have a comprehensive range for your different needs, from mortise locks to commercial electric strike locks and keypad door locks.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

These quick-to-install locks are popular among many commercial building contractors. Besides, the locks offer multiple aesthetic options. With these locks, you can easily match the lock with your building’s décor. Also, its ease of use means that you can use the lock with a key or a combination of a key and a push button.

Mortise Locks

If your business experiences a lot of foot traffic, we recommend durable mortise locks. These locks can withstand constant use and come in two parts: the cylinder, and the body. The lock’s deadbolt is less accessible and more resistant to forced entry.

Electric Strike Locks

Electric strike locks have multiple parallels with door buzzers that are common in banks and apartment buildings. The door remains locked until authorized users hit a buzzer to open it. You could also opt for a strike with a pad where users swipe a key fob to gain entry. Our experts encourage contractors to use these locks together with other locks, which can help ease access in case of a power outage.

Keypad Door Locks

If you need extra security, we offer keypad door locks that are slightly pricier than standard locks. These locks are usually handy when multiple people need access to secure areas. With these locks, you won’t have to give everyone a key.

Besides, you could opt for more modern options that automatically lock after multiple incorrect code entries. These locks fit suitably on any typical door.

Benefits of Commercial Lock Hardware Sales with Our Team

Puget Sound Locksmith is a leading supplier of commercial lock hardware. Locksmiths can rely on us for commercial locks that serve diverse purposes. Leverage additional benefits while working with us, including industry-leading technical expertise and product knowledge.

Our locks experts have unmatched industry expertise for any size of job. Also, we can offer alternative locks that fit the products you need for your projects. Partner with us to find hardware solutions that match your specifications:

  • Access to diverse commercial lock hardware at competitive prices
  • Highly trained, experienced technicians
  • Hardware installation at wholesale pricing
  • Timely assistance whenever you reach out to us
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Partner with the Best Commercial Lock Hardware Sales

At Puget Sound Locksmith, we pride ourselves on delivering safety and security to our clients. Find professional, efficient, and reliable locksmith solutions whenever you reach out to us. We provide competitive prices on all residential and commercial locksmith solutions.

Our expert locksmiths pay close attention to detail, enabling us to deliver prompt results and 100% customer satisfaction. Our greater Seattle area clients can expect dependable locksmith solutions consistently. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial lock hardware sales.

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