Business lock rekey / locks changed

Business Lock Rekey / Locks Changed

Did you misplace the keys for work? Have your keys been stolen? Ex-employee refuses to return your keys after being let go? Maybe you’re in a employee theft situation and you need to have security and piece of mind for your business? These are all tough situations to go through and we want to be here to help the best we can to make you feel comfortable. We deal with these problems for customers everyday.

Our solutions include what’ typically known in the industry as “lock rekeying” which is the most common and cost effective method. Lock rekeying service changes the pin tumbler combinations inside the lock so that different keys are required to operate the lock. This essentially means that the old original keys will no longer work, and only the new keys will open the locks now.

Changing the locks entirely, is pretty much like it sounds. We replace the old locks with brand new locks. This option is sometimes the preferred method for some customers, they just want to have new locks and it makes them feel more comfortable. We can install new locks and make security recommendations the same day in most cases. Call us today and let us help you in your time of need.

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