5 Services A Car Locksmith Can Provide

5 Services A Car Locksmith Can Provide


Whether you are locked out of your car or experiencing certain key-related issues, a car locksmith can be your best friend in your time of need. At Puget Sound Locksmith, we can provide you with a variety of emergency and non-emergency vehicle key services, including the following.

  1. Car Lockout Service

While this might be an obvious one, it always seems to happen at the worst possible time, such as when you are late for work or school. While it might seem tempting to try and get the door open on your own, this is not recommended and could end up causing damage to your vehicle.

At Puget Sound Locksmith, we offer fast response times and our goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. A member of our emergency car locksmith service will arrive within 30 minutes of your call, and it typically takes us 10 minutes or less to unlock your door.

Once we’ve unlocked your car, we highly recommend storing an extra key somewhere on the vehicle. For safety, you might attach a key that can only be used to open the car door but not an ignition key, but this approach will ensure that you are never locked out of your vehicle again.

  1. Broken Keys

You know your day is off to a poor start if your vehicle key breaks either in the ignition or the door lock. Fortunately, an emergency locksmith typically can help you with this issue. If you have a broken key that is not stuck inside your ignition or door, we also can help with this issue, and you have the option of bringing the key to our shop or we can come to you and help if your only car is not undrivable due to the broken key.

We have special tools we can use to extract the broken piece without damaging your lock mechanism. Once we’ve retrieved the broken key, we can provide you with a repair or create an accurate duplicate. For older model cars, we can create a new key using your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). With newer cars, we use diagnostic tools to program a new key.

  1. Lost Keys

You’ve lost them. They are gone forever. Perhaps you accidentally dropped them in Lake Washington whilst paddleboarding or you left them on the Bainbridge Ferry or perhaps they were placed mistakenly in the washing machine and disappeared like a stray sock. Whatever the reason, a car locksmith also can help if you’ve lost your keys.

  1. Ignition Repair Services

While it doesn’t happen often, car ignition lock failure is frustrating, to say the least. While we are happy to come out and help with this issue, there are a few steps you should take first before giving us a call.

First, inspect your key for any signs of damage. A slightly bent or chipped key might still fit into your ignition, but the key might not work. If it’s bent, you can gently try to move it back into shape and then try again.

Second, check to see if your steering wheel is locked. It’s surprisingly easy to accidentally lock the steering wheel and your key won’t work until the wheel is unlocked. To unlock the wheel, hold the steering wheel with one hand and gently move it back and forth while you try to turn your key. Once it’s unlocked, check to see if the car now will turn on.

If the first and second steps don’t seem to be the issue, make sure the car is either in park or neutral. Sometimes, even if the gearstick is just slightly out of park or neutral, the car will not turn on.

If all else fails, try blowing compressed air into the ignition and clean it out. If this doesn’t work, you also could spray a bit of WD-40 into the ignition and then insert and remove the key several times to lubricate the ignition tumblers. Then, try to start the car. If all of this has failed, then it’s time to contact your car locksmith.

  1. Rekeying & Car Key Replacement

If your vehicle keys have been stolen or perhaps an unsavory ex has a set of keys, we can provide you with a new set of keys thus rendering the old keys obsolete. If you have a remote that no longer seems to work (even with new batteries), we also can reprogram these remotes and smart keys or chip keys, and our rates are far lower than you’d pay at a dealership. We also can provide you with key duplication so you have multiple sets.

For this service, you would need to drop your vehicle off at one of our locations. Generally, we can rekey most types of cars in one day, but if you do need to leave the vehicle overnight, we have a fenced secure area to keep your car safe.

Need A Car Locksmith “Near Me?”

Of course, you’ll search online for a “car locksmith near me.” After all, you want to have your car unlocked or up and running as quickly as possible so you can get on with your busy schedule. Rather than waste time with an internet search, why not just put our number in your contact list and hit the call button whenever you need an emergency locksmith service?

At Puget Sound Locksmith, we offer emergency auto locksmith services, and our team of experienced automotive locksmiths will come to wherever you might be. Whether you are stranded at your home or stuck on the I-5 somewhere between Fife and Federal Way, our emergency locksmiths can meet you anywhere at any time.

We have mobile locksmiths working out of offices in Tacoma, Fife, Bremerton, Port Orchard, Gig Harbor, Puyallup, Lakewood and Olympia. We serve all of the south Puget Sound area, including Bainbridge Island, Fox Island and Vashon Island. If you need a car locksmith, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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